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Community Business Partner Program

About Our Business Partner Monthly Giving Program

Our goal is to partner with local businesses that share our concern about rising violence against women and girls. We want to enable more businesses in the community to help us spark change and empower women and girls to become resourceful advocates for themselves and for others.

How can you help?

First and foremost you can help us by joining as a monthly sponsor with a commitment of $50, $100 or even $250 per month. 

Secondly we ask you to help us secure more supporters (i.e. your customers and friends) by actively promoting our work and encouraging others to be part of this movement.

And last but not least, help us promote and encourage the principles of gender equality and safety for women and girls in our community - by frequently sharing our social media messages and materials with your customers and other stakeholders. 

How to get involved.

Register your company as a monthly sponsor and pick the level you wish to commit to and add your credit card and that’s it. Immediately after you sign up you will get a call from a representative of Surrey Women’s Centre who will welcome you as our newest partner, and walk you through the steps of making and getting the most out of your philanthropic gift. 

Recognition of your support

It is in our best interests to promote your giving because we believe that generosity is inspiring. We hope that you will agree to allow us to share your sponsorship with our social network and also hope that you will actively help promote the program and the cause to your social network. 

Suggestion: Immediately after joining the program, we encourage sponsors to take a picture with their staff or customers holding a sign that says #StandWithHer.  We can then take that picture and use it on our social media and also use it to recognize you on our website sponsor wall.

If you have more questions please call Anu at _________________________


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