Become Our Partner And Help Us Stop The Violence Against Women & Girls.

If your business wishes to make a difference in the lives of women in our community and neighboring cities, we encourage you to join the Surrey Womens Centre's monthly sponsorship program. It is just $50-a-month to get started. If you wish to learn more - simply enter your email here and we will send you a welcome package.


The impact of gender-based violence ranges from immediate and urgent; One woman in Canada is killed every 6 days by her intimate partner. 


Only about 5% of sexual assault and gender based violence is reported, and worse yet, only about 1% of sexual assault cases ever end up in incarceration.


Gender based discrimination and barriers to opportunity are the root of all gender-based violence and sexual assault against women.

Become Our Community Business Partner Today

You can help us make Surrey & surrounding municipalities a much safer community for women and girls. It starts with a small contribution and awareness about the plight of women and girls facing their darkest hour.

How We Recognize Your Support

It is in our best interests to promote your giving because we believe that generosity is inspiring. We hope that you will agree to allow us to share your sponsorship with our social network and also hope that you will actively help promote the program and the cause to your social network.


Help us sustain the quality and reach of our services. Our vision is to create a community where women can feel safe, where they have access to justice and equal opportunity in all aspects of life. Your support helps us to launch towards our destiny.


Help us raise awareness and actively learn about how you contribute to help build a more 'alert' and 'active' community. Together - we can ensure sustainable impact and meaningful change takes root in our community.


As a partner of Surrey Women's Centre - you will get a chance to see exactly how your contributions help make positive change in the lives of women and girls who are escaping fear, violence and discrimination. 

Become Our Partner & Help Us Stop The Violence

Gender-inequality is the root of all gender-based violence including sexual assault and domestic abuse. With your support we can bring more resources to build a community where women and girls have access to Safety, Justice and Equality!